Company Profile

KINGBOX technology co., LTD is a professional memory manufacture, dedicated in the application and service of memory storage device, integrated with advanced international technology, forging KINGBOX, the global leading brand image in recent years.
KINGBOX has the complete memory products line of all series in the fields of desktops, notebooks, SSD, and many others

Since its entering in China, within a very short time, KINGBOX got the attention and full recognition of numerous domestic famous IT media, becoming the memory brand highly recommend by numerous authoritative media organizations, and the first Choice of many professional players and DIY enthusiasts.

But the majority of the players and the brand of choice for professional DIY enthusiasts!

Brand strength

Kingbox technology co., LTD. has professional functional departments of technology, testing, research and development, with enhancing innovation consciousness, increasing research and development ability!
KINGBOX memory once closely cooperated with AMD K8 64 - bit CPU in sales,
which was called the best partner brand of AMD 64 bit in the market,and won very high market evaluation! The market test also showed that, with its outstanding compatibility,

KINGBOX memory can be compatible with almost all the mainstream main-board of the market.

Enterprise culture

Scan widely international, competition and development, opportunities and challenges. Therefore, kingbox technology co., LTD will continue to think that the vast number of DIY enthusiasts to provide the most advanced, the most excellent memory products as own duty.
Taking a broad view around the world,
competition coexists with development, and so it is with opportunities and challenges. So KINGBOX technology co., LTD will continue to provide the most advanced, and excellent memory products for DIY enthusiasts.