Service Details

Common questions

  • What to pay attention to in installing the memory to the host?

     is not difficult to install memory. There is reverse insert prevention design, on the memory slot of main board, which is consistent with the gap of memory goldfinger, so when installing the
     memory, if it can not be insert, please check if it is in the right direction first, and then try to insert the memory into the slot vertically. And we also would like to remind you, please turn off
     the computer first, and then insert or plug the memory
  • Can the memories of different specifications, not in the double channel be used together?

    Considering that when the main board BIOS read memory SPD at starting up, something wrong may happen, KINGBOX doesn’t suggest you using the memories of different specifications

  • Why there is plug mark on memory gold finger?

    Each KINGBOX memory will go through multiple strict tests before leaving the factory, including the burn-in test of actually inserting it into the main board, so the mark is left on the memory gold finger

  • Is the product I chose in stock?

    When the delivery can be done? And how long it will take? All the products on the website is available, if it is not available, under any special circumstances, you will be informed in the first time
    Generally speaking, the payment is done before 16:00, the product can be delivered on the day. If under any special circumstance, which lead to it can not be delivered on the day, it will be 
    delivered within 72 hours after the payment. Generally, it takes 1-3days within the province, 2-5 days, to other places, and which is under the arrangement of your local express company
  • Receiving the how? What to watch?

    When the courier receipt, please be sure to surface when the courier acceptance of goods. If you authorize someone else to sign, as if I sign. If you have any questions (air bags, inside
    was damaged), please reject the spot, and contact us online Customer Service (aftermarket Working Hours: 9: 00-18: 00) found no sign after or damage, courier companies will not It
    will be responsible for processing.
  • Product quality problems how to deal with?

    Product quality problems to contact us online sale customer service to confirm the problem, indeed there are quality problems, you can send us warranty. About postage, 7 days after receipt of
    products, product quality problems because of the warranty freight borne by the restaurant, not the product quality problems borne by the customer, 7 days International also need to be
    borne by the customer
  • Questions about the test speed

    The speed marks are from official data, we can only provide the corresponding official data as a reference. We can only ensure all are the genuine licensed products, not the specific measured
    speed. As the test result will be effected by the configuration of the computer hardware, the quality of card reader, interface problems and others